“When Elk Come Down” Reel #1 (DV 4-3)

Archival reel about elk management in Montana and Wyoming.

Baseball (DV 4-3)

Little league baseball in Libby, Montana. ca. 1970s.

Bee Keeping (DV 16-9)

Bee Keeping in Bitterroot Valley, Montana.

Bighorn Sheep (DV 16-9)

Bighorn Sheep on a Montana highway.

Bighorn Sheep (DV 4-3)

Bighorn sheep at the National Bison Range in Montana and other locations.

Bison Capture/Yellowstone National Park (DV 4-3)

Bison capture facility at Yellowstone National Park.

Bison Round-Up #1 (DV 16-9)

Bison round-up at National Bison Range, Montana.

Bitterroot Valley (DV 16-9)

Bitterroot Valley in Montana.

Blackfoot Valley (DV 16-9)

Blackfoot Valley in Montana.

Building Implosion (DV 4-3)

Footage of the old St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula, Montana being imploded.

Cattle Ranching #1 (HD 1080i)

Cattle ranching near West Yellowstone, Montana.

Cattle Ranching #2 (HD 1080i)

Cattle ranching near West Yellowstone, Montana.

Cinnabar Basin (DV 16-9)

Cinnabar Basin in Montana.

Coal Bed Methane Development (DV 4-3)

Coal Bed Methane Development in Montana.

Great Falls Dam (DV 4-3)

Great Falls Dam on the Missouri River.

Libby,Dam (DV 4-3)

Libby Dam on the Kootenai River in Montana.

Opportunity, Montana (HD 1080i 23.98fps)

Opportunity, Montana with Pintlar Mountains in the background.

Powder River Basin (DV 4-3)

Footage of the Powder River Basin in Montana and Wyoming.

Red Rock Lakes, Montana (DV 16-9)

Red Rock Lakes and Centennial Mountains, Montana.

Trains (HD 1080i)

Freight trains in Montana.

Wildland Fire (DV 16-9)

Wild fire on Mount Sentinel, Missoula, Montana.