About Stock Footage
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Since 1992, High Plains Films has created an archive of images that is available for licensing. High Plains Films stock footage has been acquired by CNN, BBC, NBC, Turner Broadcasting, Animal Planet, Outdoor Life Network and many others. Our collection includes thousands of hours of documentary footage of wildlife, wildlands, industry, cities, people, recreation, and much more, much of which has never been used in a finished film. We have also collected a diverse array of public domain images, old home movies and other archival materials.

Our long-term goal is to make most of these images available for on-line preview. Because it is a very time-consuming process, we will be adding collections of images at preview quality gradually. If any of the categories and sub-categories to the right look like they might contain images you can use, please contact us with questions you have about the material. If the images seem like a good match for your film, video, powerpoint, web site, or other media project, we can supply the material at preview quality. You will find our licensing fees very reasonable.